Radical Challenger


Level 51
Start NPC Troberry
Finish NPC Troberry
Mission Did you read the letter?
Description (I should read the letter Troberry gave me.)

I've heard that the Abundant Seeds Association is famous in Middelas for its cooking. And I've found out that the association has come to the sanctuary.
But I wonder if your cooking ability is really as good as your reputation. I, Romadia, am on a mission of becoming the best chef in Middelas.

I want to see your cooking skills for myself. I'll be honored if we can battle it out in a 6-day feast, the traditional cooking contest of Hakanas. -Ascetic Cook Romadia

(The letter is written in a polite tone, but each sentence exudes radical confidence.)
Reward exp 1094350
Reward gold 97S 92C

You can get the following items

Item Count Prof
Rabbit Liver Stew Rabbit Liver Stew 2
Sanctuary Tree Sap Sanctuary Tree Sap 2 Berserker
Sanctuary Tree Sap Sanctuary Tree Sap 2 Ranger
Sanctuary Tree Sap Sanctuary Tree Sap 2 Assassin