Stolen Supplies


Level 51
Start NPC Troberry
Finish NPC Troberry
Mission Go find the traces of the stolen supplies at Zenus Shrine.
Description I think it will take some time to gather everyone's opinions in the association. I have a favor to ask you, if you're okay with that.
A few days ago, a large amount of supplies was stolen. They were from the association for the Light Elves and the Divine Dragon Knights. But I don't think that so many supplies could be moved all at once.

It is likely that they are still stored near Elgaden. The battlefield to the south of Elgaden is not safe for transporting the supplies because of its high alert status.

But Zenus Shrine to the north of Elgaden is different. I want you to search that area closely and find the stolen supplies.
Reward exp 3020407
Reward gold 2G 35S