Lost Relic


Level 52
Start NPC Glophen
Finish NPC Glophen
Location Windy Canyon
Mission If only I can get back that necklace...
Description Going through the screening test, the other candidates seem to think that I'm losing my motivation because of my feebleness. That's not entirely wrong, but there's a bit more to it than that.

A few weeks ago, I've run into Grobs living near an altitude of 20~60m above the contaminated lake, and one of them stole my necklace.

That was... the only thing I have to remember my little brother by.
... I'm angry, but it's impossible for me to get back my necklace on my own. You should go back. I want to be alone.

(The Grobs at the contaminated lake... One of them must have Glophen's necklace. Glophen might get back his motivation if I bring back that necklace.)
Reward exp 4173641
Reward gold 3G 64S 48C