Mushroom Eating Poison to Grow


Level 52
Start NPC Rumian
Finish NPC Lebei <Collector Candidate>
Location Windy Canyon
Mission Go to the contaminated lake and get the Poison Mushroom, and then bring it to collector candidates.
Description I was checking collector candidates' condition as a supervisor, and I've found a problem.
Most of mushrooms growing around the contaminated lake to the northeast of El Dor Town are poisonous mushrooms containing neurotoxin. I've told candidates that they must be careful even about eating during the test period... At last, a candidate Laxou ate a mushroom and became unconscious.

However among those wild mushrooms, the Poison Mushroom is a mystical mushroom that fortunately grows naturally using the poison as its nutrition and fuming out the toxicity back out to the air.

If you go to the contaminated lake by any chance, will you please get that mushroom and bring it to candidates?
Reward exp 3810716
Reward gold 2G 73S 36C

You can get the following items

Item Count Prof
Lv. 60 Extractor Lv. 60 Extractor 4