Meat for the Starving


Level 51
Start NPC Paice
Finish NPC Paice <Collector Test Personnel>
Location Windy Canyon
Mission Bring the Collector's Food Supply and Hatchling's Meat.
Description I finally managed to get here, but now I have one problem. Because some condors were stubbornly following me, I've lost some of the food sacks that I was delivering.

They must have fallen near this Canyon Valley... Can you please find them and bring them back? And... I've found Hatchlings to the east of Canyon Valley while I was looking around. If I can get some high calorie Hatchling meat, it'll be a great help to the candidates.

... Ah! I didn't mean to ask you to do this for me for free! If you do this favor for me, I'll reward you properly too!
Reward exp 3501921
Reward gold 3G 13S 34C