Determined Letter


Level 51
Start NPC Romadia
Finish NPC Troberry
Mission Please deliver my letter to Troberry in Elgaden.
Description I don't think I've seen you before. You're new in this town?
Do you know about the Abundant Seeds Association by any chance? It seems to be pretty famous in the northwest area of Middelas... Recently, one of their members has started to supply a large amount of food in this Elgaden City. Her name is Troberry and she is already pretty settled down here.

Cooking is important to me, so I want to show something to the association since it's famous now in the food service industry.
That is what this letter is about. Will you please give this letter to Troberry of the Abundant Seeds Association?

(Somehow, Romadia's face is full of determination. Is this letter really important?)
Reward exp 1094350
Reward gold 97S 92C

You can get the following items

Item Count Prof
Rabbit Liver Stew Rabbit Liver Stew 2
Sanctuary Tree Sap Sanctuary Tree Sap 2 Berserker
Sanctuary Tree Sap Sanctuary Tree Sap 2 Ranger
Sanctuary Tree Sap Sanctuary Tree Sap 2 Assassin