[Party] Magical Relic


Level 54
Start NPC Million
Finish NPC Million <Missing Collector>
Mission Bring all the materials I told you about.
Description I was able to get an essence holding the mysterious power while I was chasing Torkai at El Drant Sanctuary.
It is the Magic Disc Elbring's Essence that provides infinite strength to Torkai.
According to the legend, the Goddess made several Elbrings and gave two of them to Torkai. I'm sure that this essence I have now is one of the Elbrings that were made back then.

But the essence has lost it light, and we need several materials to restore this. I want you to bring me the Dark Spell Rune carried by the Priest of Pain of the Chaos Elves stationed at the Ancient Elven Ruins, as well as the Dark Magic Medium carried by the Chaos Elf Mage of Pain.
The Chaos Elves want to control Torkai by using the magic power in those objects.
If you collect those things, I'll extract the pure magic power from them and restore the essence in the Elbring.
Reward exp 7416826
Reward gold 4G 69S 25C

You can get the following items

Item Count Prof
Courageous Soul Crystal Courageous Soul Crystal 1
Indomitable Soul Crystal Indomitable Soul Crystal 1