Hide and Seek in the Sanctuary


Level 53
Start NPC Skra
Finish NPC Skra <Mender>
Mission Million was heading to El Drant Sanctuary, so why don't you look over there?
Description Million looked quite flustered because he was following up on a lead on some familiar. I heard that lots of strange people are showing up in the sanctuary, so I even tried to stop him going there.
But when he heard that news, his expression suddenly changed and he left in a hurry.

I could tell from his eyes that he would not give up, even if I tried to stop him. If Million is safe... He didn't return here. Maybe you can find him at El Drant Sanctuary.
Reward exp 1722570
Reward gold 1G 45S 74C

You can get the following items

Item Count Prof
Lv. 60 Extractor Lv. 60 Extractor 2