Aftereffect of the Demonic Stone


Level 53
Start NPC Million
Finish NPC Million <Missing Collector>
Mission When you make up your mind, let me know.
Description I'm sure that you know about the chaotic energy that the Chaos Elves use. However, the Demonic Stone's magic interacted with the chaotic energy, causing a strange change.
The sealed Demonic Stone and the chaotic energy were fused together and exposed the God of Ruins' magic.

And... I've found out that Torkai has been influenced by this magic power. Moreover, Torkai has already gone from here. I want to follow him, but... It hurts to much for me to move.
... Anyway, my mission is finding a solution that can purify the Torkai that has been tainted by the Demonic Stone's evil energy.
Will you help me?
Reward exp 1722570
Reward gold 1G 45S 74C