Eternal Rest


Level 32
Start NPC Bloodmoon Camp Mission Board
Finish NPC Bloodmoon Camp Bulletin Board
Location Exarahn Badlands
Mission - ashes acquired 0/8
- recon first 0/5
- halo camp mission bulletin get prizes
Description Seeking adventurers to gather the remains of the cursed dead and lay their souls to rest. Adventurers will also have to battle enemy scouts northeast of camp to prevent them from defiling even more corpses. Ellora's light be with you.

Raymond the Mender
Reward exp 289575
Reward gold 49S 80C

You can get the following items

Item Count Prof
Chaos Essence Chaos Essence 1
Dark Tear Dark Tear 1
Exarahn Coin Exarahn Coin 30
Material Box Material Box 1