Powers of the Gods


Level 38
Start NPC Errol
Finish NPC Errol
Location Tritael Rift
Mission Activate the relicss to add the powers of Parna, Nerhes, and Teleo to that of Ellora!
Description I still can't believe Lilith broke into the shrine in the first place... It can only mean that Ellora's power in Tritael Rift is weakening! We can't put war off any longer. The Fallen Legion and Goraktus must be destroyed. And the first step is to strengthen the shrine.

The Pegasus Knights have unearthed relics that can grant the power of the other gods to the shrine. Wrest them from the Legion on an island 580 meters up near the Breach.
Reward exp 1403159
Reward gold 13S 41C

You can get the following items

Item Count Prof
Familiar Orb Familiar Orb 8