The Lonely Maid III


Level 37
Start NPC Leica
Finish NPC Leica
Location Exarahn Badlands
Mission That pendant means the world to me!
Description In truth, my lover and I were going to elope on the day of the earthquake. We didn't want to spend our whole lives being servants... Is that so wrong? But then the earthquake struck, and we were separated. I've been waiting here for him ever since, hoping he would return.

I'm so sorry to ask, but this is the most important favor I've ever asked for. He gave me a pendant before everything went wrong, but I lost it. Please help me find it. It's the only thing I have to remember him by.
Reward exp 164400
Reward gold 10S 44C

You can get the following items

Item Count Prof
Level 40 Exarahn Familiar Enigma Chest Level 40 Exarahn Familiar Enigma Chest 1