True Treasure


Level 39
Start NPC Zelluchs
Finish NPC Zelluchs
Location Tritael Rift
Mission It's not common for the Adventure King to reach out first. You should be honored!
Description Greetings! My name is Zelluchs Kurosen Helcker Barstow DeShae Angola Kingsley. You may call me Zelluchs. I am a wandering adventurer of Hakanas, a lover of the open road and sea. I am known as the Adventure King due to my extensive and storied travels. It's a great responsibility, but I shoulder it as best I can.

Across my numerous adventures I have accumulated a vast fortune in treasure. I donated it all to the kingdom, of course. I have no interest in riches, only in finding them. I live for the thrill of the hunt! In fact, I sank my ship just to meet you here like this! You seem to be a knight of some renown, one who fights for what is right and lights the way for others. I simply had to meet you!

There is but one treasure I seek now, the legendary sword called Zenahon. Zenahon and Zelluchs. Zelluchs and Zenahon... Surely I am the one who deserves it the most! You agree, do you not?
Reward exp 169823
Reward gold 5S 65C