Revived Spirit


Level 34
Start NPC Errol
Finish NPC Rufala
Location Tritael Rift
Mission Whatever it is they're protecting, it must be important.
Description This is the forward base of the Pegasus Knights. We're currently locked in battle with Goraktu's Fallen Legion at the Shrine of the Eclipse. I came here when I heard that the skulls of the dead are being used in the battle. Only the Fallen Legion would be so vile...

We found that the skulls were empowered by ancient Exarahn relics left among the dragon bones. I need a rubbing of the tablet inscriptions so my mages can figure out exactly how they work. Look for a tablet on the island just east of here, around 600 meters up. Make a rubbing and take it to Rufala for study.
Reward exp 1044175
Reward gold 13S 10C