[Familiar] Familiar Academy at Sanctuary


Level 54
Start NPC Darencha
Finish NPC Darencha <Collector Coin Dealer>
Mission You get the familiars, and I'll deal with the clients.
Description Recently, I'm collecting seal stones for intensive management of familiars in the sanctuary by the Collectors.
Above all, I need high quality samples. However, collecting samples requires a great deal of human resources. Therefore, I am collecting familiar seal stones through adventurers.

(As he finishes speaking, he hands out a note.)

-Venutus Seal Stone
-Riku Seal Stone: Altitude of 90~140m
-Pobagan Seal Stone: Altitude of 520~550m

It is a list of familiars I need for my research. If you bring me all these familiar seal stones, I'll reward you properly. They all can be found at the sanctuary and Windy Canyon, but you can go through the trouble of finding them.
Reward exp 6656126
Reward gold 4G 10S 60C

You can get the following items

Item Count Prof
Collector's Coin Collector's Coin 2