[Cooking] Prepare for Feast - Meat and Spice


Level 52
Start NPC Troberry
Finish NPC Troberry
Mission Get Spice of Light and Sap of Sap Grass.
Description Scent is very important when you finish cooking a dish. No matter how great texture that the ingredients may have, it's all ruined if the scent is terrible.
The stuff that the Light Elf Priest, the traitor of Elgaden, carries is just what I'm looking for.

I'm going to make my cooking even tastier with their Spice of Light. And if I properly mix the sap of Sap Grass growing under Elgaden with it, the mixture will create a great seasoning. I want you to get both of those ingredients.
Reward exp 1545793
Reward gold 60S 74C