Familiar Samples


Level 39
Start NPC Robinson
Finish NPC Robinson
Location Tritael Rift
Mission I trust you to bring the samples I have asked for.
Description I originally came to Tritael Rift to gather fossils of plants and animals that lived here before the catastrophe. However, it seems there is more to be learned from the strange and often vicious creatures of this land! Could you help me gather samples from flotiers, blatiers, azradas, and horos from around the Rift?
Flotiers can be found 440 meters up in the Lost Roost, blatiers are 620 meters up within the Ethereal Flux, and azradas and horos are west of the Eclipsed Shrine, 550 and 420 meters in altitude. Bring me those samples and I will reward you with a sacred fragment used in taming Letonsia.
Reward exp 204632
Reward gold 18S 9C

You can get the following items

Item Count Prof
Sacred Sky Shard Sacred Sky Shard 1


Familiar Samples 1