[Elite] Making Crystals


Level 39
Start NPC Haltham
Finish NPC Jelnar
Location Tritael Rift
Mission Making earth crystals requires great concentration.
Description I require two components to make an earth crystal. First, obtain the magic-infused stone carried by Fallen Legion Princeps. Once you have that, collect immortal essence from the other elite soldiers of the Legion.

Remember, making earth crystals requires great concentration, so I can only make one a day. It will take you much patience to create what you need.

Obtaining the materials will be hard, but I can make the earth crystals for you over time. You'll need the crystals to craft a purification scroll for your upcoming battle.
Reward exp 375189
Reward gold 31S 9C

You can get the following items

Item Count Prof
Earth Crystal Earth Crystal 1
Tritael Resistance Potion Tritael Resistance Potion 1