[Familiar] Spreading Chaos


Level 53
Start NPC Katshu
Finish NPC Katshu <Collector>
Mission After you've done with the reindeer, get the Potion of Extinction from the Tukan Invasion Solders.
Description It was one of the creatures that was blessed by the World Tree Eldrsil, but it's already tainted by the chaotic energy...
... Our best choice for now is eliminating the contaminated reindeer and stopping the chaotic energy from spreading.
This Potion of Extinction will help in eliminating the contaminated reindeer.

After you've eliminated all contaminated reindeer, don't forget to get the Potion of Extinction from the Tukan Invasion Soldiers.

Warning! The Potion of Extinction can only be used when the contaminated reindeer is in the debuff status and heavily injured, which can occur when its constitution is under 30%
Reward exp 2858190
Reward gold 77S 72C

You can get the following items

Item Count Prof
Familiar Orb Familiar Orb 10