[Cooking] Prepare for Feast - Material for Strong Delicacy


Level 53
Start NPC Peach
Finish NPC Peach <Abundant Seeds Association>
Mission Bring Sanctuary Poisonous Herb and Emergency Antidote!
Description The ingredient that I want to prepare is a poisonous herb that contains a small amount of toxicity. This cooking is based on dishes from northern Middelas, which use strong spices.
Did you know that when the toxicity is removed from the poisonous herb, it gives a special taste and scent? That's why it's known as a delicacy to gourmets.

The Sanctuary Poisonous Herb growing naturally on the way to El Drant Sanctuary is just the right ingredient I'm looking for!
Ah! And I also need an ingredient for removing the toxicity from that poisonous herb. I heard that Dark Searchers stationed at El Drant Sanctuary always carry emergency medicine. I want you to get their Emergency Antidote too!
Reward exp 1020782
Reward gold 58S 29C