[Party] Helping Talisman Restoring


Level 52
Start NPC Transfigurist Sermi
Finish NPC Transfigurist Sermi <Thousand Faces>
Location Windy Canyon
Mission Go get Solar Stone, Koroshimo Plant, and Magic Absorption Powder at El Canin Island.
Description It's almost impossible to restore the broken Talisman in a short time. For now, I'm thinking about stitching up the Talisman to stop the magic from leaking and plugging up the cracks. I can't find the materials for this at El Dor, so I've selected something that can be found near here.

The Solar Stone that Black Wind Mages use to aid them in their magic use, Koroshimo Plant that assassins take to enhance their strength, Magic Absorption Powder that searchers use when they want to find something or someone.
Those are all the materials I can use to enhance or absorb magic. I want to you get these 3 materials.
Reward exp 4951018
Reward gold 60S 74C