Ranking Karrad Pirates


Level 26
Start NPC Jason Micah
Finish NPC Jason Micah
Location Parna's Coast
Mission - cara download pirates deck first 0/4
- cara download pirates the first 0/4
- class the boat normal first
Description I've been watching the pirates for some time, and I think I know how to beat them. The rank-and-file ruffians look to the mates for direction, who in turn look to First Mate Keelhaul for orders. You cut off the head, the body dies, right?
Reward exp 69826
Reward gold 6S 16C

You can get the following items

Item Count Prof
Lv. 25 Health Potion Lv. 25 Health Potion 3
Lv. 25 Mana Potion Lv. 25 Mana Potion 3