[10 Person] Defeat Tranua


Level 39
Start NPC Vekanto
Finish NPC Vekanto
Location Sea of Hakanas
Mission Tranua hasn't absorbed all the infernal energy yet. This is our chance.
Description Yikes! That infernal meteor melted the ground all around where it hit! Was this Salant's plan all along? We can't let Tranua devour all that evil energy.

We have to clear out the magic left behind by that meteor, and fast. Only Galadoku can do it. There are 3 meteoric essences at the big crash site and 1 at the small crash site. Destroy them all, then wake up Tranua by lighting the infernal torch. He may be a titan, but we're better facing him now than after he's had his fill of infernal energy.
Reward exp 56326
Reward gold 8S 96C