Bloody Hills


Level 36
Start NPC Seratia
Finish NPC Seratia
Location Hakanas Highlands
Mission Go to Miller's Hill in the highlands.
Description The enemies of Ellora are not restricted to Brakarr Forest. Their ruinous grasp extends into the highlands. I've personally looked into the vile magic the Khabimists use to transform innocent souls into vampires.

They draw from the darkest wells of the human spirit, and so the pawns of chaos delight in the Khabimists' work. We must purify that place. [UserName], go forth to Miller's Hill and annihilate all evil you encounter.
Reward exp 25034
Reward gold 14S 95C

You can get the following items

Item Count Prof
Familiar EXP Potion (20%) Familiar EXP Potion (20%) 1
Rabbini Silver Coin Rabbini Silver Coin 3