Shady Rabbini I


Level 50
Start NPC Trace
Finish NPC Trace <Rabbini Chaser>
Location Hakain's Crossing
Mission I'm counting on you to get those orders.
Description You work for the crown, right? Like me. Listen, I've got a real important job here, and I need your help. Me and mine were put in charge of keeping certain relics safe. Powerful, divine treasures that the common folk aren't exactly privy to. Thing is, some Rabbini thieves somehow found our vault and took off with the goods.

That's why I'm here. Figure out how they knew where to look and where they took the treasure. I know they've got their boss's orders in one of the houses in Zadaran, but if they see me coming the Rabbini'll burn them. That's why I need someone trustworthy like you to go in my place.
Reward exp 0
Reward gold