There is no desert for merchants.


Level 39
Start NPC Gernan
Finish NPC Gernan <Pupil of Hashishi>
Location Cloying Wastes
Mission Withdrwa technician's items from the Mohaban Mercenaries that have taken over the Dust Wind Field.
Description After the Mohaban Mercenaries swept the village, so many things went missing. Merchants residing in the village have requested tons ever since.
If they were normal merchants, I'd ask them to be understanding of the situation, but they are technicians so I'm in a difficult position... But if you could help me, I think I can take care of this a lot faster.

Please withdraw blacksmith's hammer from Mohaban Mercenaries swordsman, chef's spices from Mohaban Mercenaries spies, alchemist's flask from Mohaban Mercenaries healer, and accessory crafter's ring cast from Mohaban Mercenaries plunderer.
Reward exp 587937
Reward gold 1G 43S 52C