[Legendary ] Burning Embers


Level 40
Start NPC Director Willow
Finish NPC Director Willow
Location Hakain's Crossing
Mission If at first the Firam doesn't appear, try defeating Blay.
Description Calypto, the legendary flaming steed, is believed to bein Lavalight Cave. It requires a special mark to tame. Fortunately for you, the Royal Familiar Academy managed to get its hands on the recipe to craft the mark.

Of course, getting the materials to make it is another matter! We'll need fragments from Firam, east of Whitecap Shores in Tritael Rift. If you can't find Firam, try defeating Blay first and waiting. I'm certain you can do it.
Reward exp 180840
Reward gold 31S 10C

You can get the following items

Item Count Prof
Fire Core Fire Core 1
Rabbini Silver Coin Rabbini Silver Coin 5