Relic Collection


Level 28
Start NPC Conqueror's Gate Mission Board
Finish NPC Conqueror's Gate Bulletin Board
Location Exarahn Badlands
Mission - x-box box artifacts acquired 0/5
- x-box box artifacts list piece acquired 0/3
- the truth of the gate mission bulletin get prizes
Description There are great piles of Exarahn relics left to the northeast of Conqueror's Gate. Be a good chap and retrieve the relics, along with the relic list fragments carried by the werewolves.
Chaney Rabbini
Reward exp 231090
Reward gold 46S 80C

You can get the following items

Item Count Prof
Chaos Essence Chaos Essence 1
Dark Tear Dark Tear 1
Ellun Ellun 1
Exarahn Coin Exarahn Coin 20


Relic Collection 1
To get this quest you have to finish this 2 quests first:
1)Rabbini Captured again
After this quest another will be available:
2)Relics of the Rabbini
And after finishing this two quests, Relic collection quest will be opened and you will be able to take from Mission Board.