Unknown Herb


Level 40
Start NPC Bartolo
Finish NPC Chief Bartolo
Location Cloying Wastes
Mission Nameless plant grow between the rocks. Good luck!
Description Was the telegram delivered safely? There's something I'd like you to help with. In Cloying Wastes, there is a nameless grass that only grows in Challenger's Air Route. People just call it a nameless plant.

But they say it is the cure to everything. Since we're out of herbs, I'd like that nameless plant to treat our villagers. Because of Piyos in that area, I'm afraid to go there.

Piyos look cute but they violently kill all living things. Please eliminate piyos and bring me back some nameless plants. Piyos will be 110m-120m in altitude. I'm counting on you!
Reward exp 1018041
Reward gold 72S 38C