Fallen Legion's Familiar Laboratory


Level 49
Start NPC Sovell
Finish NPC Sovell
Location Hakain's Crossing
Mission I've got to make a living somehow. Scholarship doesn't exactly pay in diamonds, you know!
Description Step aside! I'm in the throws of study! Wait, stay right there. You look like one of those rough-and-tumble adventuring types. Good, you can help me.

I stumbled upon the Fallen Legion's Familiar Laboratory while I was researching tiger species. I managed to get my hands on a pass into the lab, but I'm no match for their guards.

You, though! I bet you could eat them for supper. Here's my thinking. You go in there, learn all about the familiars their studying, and maybe even tame a few. And you can do it all with my pass... in exchange for 2 Rabbini Gold Coins.
Reward exp 1987685
Reward gold 2G 30S 5C