A Whole New World of Taste


Level 39
Start NPC Teru
Finish NPC Teru
Location Cloying Wastes
Mission You will experience a whole new world of taste if I have those drumsticks.
Description Do you know what the other regions call this place? The Desert of Death. Hmm... But that's not what I think. Do you know why? Isn't it obvious?

It's the ingredients spread all over the place! The quality of meat is something else because the animals lived under harsh climates.
But I can't guarantee its taste. Hehe.

But that is what you call a whole new world of taste, right? If you're curious of the taste, go to the peak around 180m in altitude in the direction of the Dust Wind Field in front of the town and bring me the drumsticks of the Bald Eagle living there. I will cook it for you.
Reward exp 515866
Reward gold 1G 43S 52C