[Legendary] Frozen Body


Level 50
Start NPC Director Willow
Finish NPC Director Willow
Location Hakain's Crossing
Mission Frozen gemstones and Rondo's amulet. I know it's dangerous, but this is all in the name of research!
Description Garilon has been spotted in the Frost Keep. This familiar has been blessed by Parna herself. To tame him, you'll need Rondo's amulet to clear Garlion's mind.

But without the amulet's gemstones, it won't work. You need frozen gemstones from the grave robbers at the ruined temple. Bring these to me, and I'll fix the amulet for you.
Reward exp 835322
Reward gold 1G 32S 53C

You can get the following items

Item Count Prof
Rondo's Frozen Crystal Rondo's Frozen Crystal 1