Asking Around


Level 49
Start NPC Periot
Finish NPC Lisko <Beast Trainer>
Mission If you go to Elgaden City, please find the other collectors.
Description I'm not the only Collector who has come to the sanctuary. I came with others. At first, we were contacted about the research results and changes of each place. But there was an accident at the Elgaden Sanctuary area, and I somehow lost contact with them.

They're almost like brothers to me, and I'm worried about their safety. If you're going to Elgaden City by any chance, will you please look for the other collectors?
Reward exp 1423907
Reward gold 65S 75C

You can get the following items

Item Count Prof
Familiar EXP Potion (30%) Familiar EXP Potion (30%) 1
Ronua Camp Emergency Bandage Ronua Camp Emergency Bandage 6