Shakiba's Blood Relatives


Level 43
Start NPC Karremu
Finish NPC Karremu
Location Cloying Wastes
Mission Protect the Golden Peak by eliminating Shakiba-blooded bats and Chief of the Shakiba Blood.
Description Shakiba is one of the three ancient mystical creatures. It possesses a powerful magic and lives very long. No one knows how long it can live. Shakiba itself is tough to face, but it even has followers! It is also known as descendants of Shakiba's Blood.

Although we can't face Shakiba yet, we can't wait forever because it is after the Golden Peak. Please eliminate Shakiba-blooded bats inside the cave around Shakiba's Nest, 100m altitude.
Also, don't forget that Chief of the Shakiba Blood that flies 220m altitude should be eliminated too.
Reward exp 969841
Reward gold 1G 20S 66C