Title Type Lvl Exp Gold
[Instanced Dungeon] Denied of Death Request 49 701524 26S 70C
[Instanced Dungeon] Denied of Death Secondary 49 2150611 1G 60S 21C
[Instanced Dungeon][Elite+] Fall of the Army Request 49 719749 26S 70C
[Instanced Dungeon][Elite+] Fortress of Sorrows Request 49 526830 26S 70C
[Instanced Dungeon] Fortress of Sorrows Main 49 2366482 80S 10C
[Instanced Dungeon][Heroic] Dark Shadow Daily 49 1964726 2G 30S 4C
[Instanced Dungeon][Heroic] Dark Shadow Secondary 49 3219194 1G 97S 18C
[Instanced Dungeon] Solar Devil Secondary 49 2129956 1G 60S 21C
[Instanced Dungeon] The Legion's Main Force Secondary 49 2155471 1G 60S 21C
[Instanced Dungeon] Visitor that Crossed the Dimension Secondary 49 2027487 1G 60S 21C
[파티][정예] 요새, 마기를 다스리는 자 Daily 49 0
[파티][영웅] 요새, 마기를 다스리는 자 Daily 49 0