Database Skills Pledge of Brilliance

Pledge of Brilliance



Profession Guardian
Description Honors the intellect of Hakain
Buffs party members within 30m to increase magic attack by 15%, increase magic critical rate by 2%, and decease cast time by 5%.
Levels 1
Casttype Instant
Cooltime 10s
Range 17 m
Skilltype Buff (toggle)
Target Self


Level Learned at Cost
1 23 42


Image Title Type Need level Need points Description
T203 Defender of the Battlefield Aegis 35 300 Enhances Pledge of Power: Attack +4%, Move Speed +2%, Critical Hit +1%. Enhances Pledge of Brilliance: Attack +5%, Mana +1%, Critical Hit +1%, Cast Time -2%. Enhances Pledge of Duty: Defense +5%, Health +3%.Rampart Charge damages nearby en