Database Skills Cold Resistance

Cold Resistance



Description Resists the cold weather in the early regions of Parna's Coast.
Levels 1
Skilltype Familiar passive


Level Learned at Cost
1 1 0

Used by familiars

Fellow 14965107 Snowy Owl
Fellow 6362491 Frost Spider
Fellow 10006935 Ice Floe Turtle
Fellow 7345702 Tundra Bison
Fellow 6022654 Ferocious Grizzly
Fellow 8191393 Ice Venom Spider
Fellow 16444669 Blizzard Wolf
Fellow 6909008 Savage Blue Wolf
Fellow 3464336 Snow Tiger
Fellow 13179557 Gray Wyrm
Fellow 6909412 Cunning Blue Wolf
Fellow 6154599 Ice Hound
Fellow 8817488 Snowclaw Wolf
Fellow 5190098 Tempest Drake
Fellow 12335276 Frostodon
Fellow 11786190 Silver Shriekwing
Fellow 3725045 Frozen Shrieker
Fellow 14780203 Laiku
Fellow 5970356 Royal Aros
Fellow 8817488 Feral Snowclaw Wolf
Blizzard phoenix icon Blizzard Phoenix
Fellow 11347037 Coastal Reindeer
Fellow 13199753 Laiku
Fellow 3973555 Parna's Reindeer
Tamed snow tiger Tamed Snow Tiger
Fellow 4859915 Whitecap Boar
Fellow 8363286 Albino Ashtail
Fellow 9082224 Leorid
Fellow 3262963 Frostclaw Bear