Database Skills Ringing Shield

Ringing Shield



Profession Guardian
Description Deals a short blow with the shield.
Levels 1
Casttype Instant
Cooltime 30s
Range 5 m
Skilltype Attack (combo)
Require weapon Sword
Target Enemy


Level Learned at Cost
1 45 150


Image Title Type Need level Need points Description
T205 Battle Oath Aegis 45 500 Increases the threat level of Royal Rebuke by 10%.
Increases move speed by 20%.
Ringing Shield damages nearby enemies and increases threat level by 100%.
Equipping at least 2 talents from the Aegis talent tree will grant a
T211 Battle Sanctity Stalward 45 500 Reduces enemy attack power by 30% for 3 seconds.
Increase critical damage defense by 300.
Reduces the cooldown of Ringing Shield by 5 seconds and destabilizes the target on the final hit. Cooldown modifiers are calculated off the
T217 Vigilance Combat 45 500 Reduces skill cooldown by 20%.
Increases PvP defense by 20%.
Increases the damage of Ringing Shield by 30%. The last hit stuns.
Equipping at least 2 talents from the Combat talent tree will grant an extra synergy bonus.