Database Skills Axial Launch

Axial Launch



Profession Assassin
Description Dashes in to lift the enemy with a spinning slash
This skill can be modified based on your equipped talent.
Levels 1
Casttype Instant
Cooltime 45s
Range 7 m
Skilltype Attack
Require weapon Dagger
Target Enemy


Level Learned at Cost
1 40 20


Image Title Type Need level Need points Description
T416 Butcher's Eye Control 40 400 Successful attacks decrease stamina consumption by 1 for 10 seconds. (Stacks up to 2 times.)
Increases physical defense by 20%.
Axial Launch deals 30% more damage to knocked down enemies and increases attack power by 20% for 5 se
T404 Assassin's Ace Aerial 40 400 Increases PvP attack power by 7% for 5 seconds. (Stacks up to 3 times.)
Increases PvP attack power by 20%.
Axial Launch makes enemies bleed for 200 health every second for 5 seconds when used after Nimble Dash.
Equipping a
T410 Windborne Agility 40 400 Increases evasion by 5.
Increases physical attack by 20%.
Reduces the cooldown of Axial Launch by 20 seconds. Successful attacks decrease enemy defense by 20% for 10 seconds. Cooldown modifiers are calculated off the shortened,