Database Skills Fire Shift

Fire Shift



Profession Wizard
Levels 1
Casttype Cast 1.2s
Cooltime 50s
Range 22 m
Skilltype Attack
Require weapon Staff
Target Enemy


Level Learned at Cost
1 45 150


Image Title Type Need level Need points Description
T517 Arcane Wrath Ice 45 500 Increases skill attack power by 100%.
Increases critical damage defense by 300.
Reduces the cooldown of Fire Shift by 10 seconds. At full charge, sets enemies ablaze or freezes them. Cooldown modifiers are calculated off the shor
T505 Light of Creation Fire 45 500 Increases skill attack power by 50%.
Increases move speed by 20%.
Increases the skill attack power of Fire Shift by 30%. Activates Inner Flame and Surging Light.
Equipping at least 2 talents from the Fire talent tree will