Database Skills Raging Strike

Raging Strike



Profession Berserker
Description Spin once and strike down to deal strong damage to enemies within 2m
Can only be used with full Rage
The explosion after the hit deals 150% damage
This skill can be modified based on your equipped talent.
Levels 1
Casttype Instant
Cooltime 1m
Range 4 m
Skilltype Attack
Require weapon Greatsword
Target Enemy


Level Learned at Cost
1 40 100


Image Title Type Need level Need points Description
T116 Battle Knowledge Combat 40 400 Successful attacks create an additional 20 rage.
Increases physical defense by 20%.
Increases the attack power of Raging Strike by 20%, reduces its cooldown by 10%, and destabilizes the enemy.
Equipping at least 2 talents
T104 Aura of Doom Savagery 40 400 Increases physical critical rate and move speed based on the stage of your Blood Madness. Blood Madness charges faster.
Increases PvP attack power by 20%.
Enhances Raging Strike, so that successful attacks reduce enemy physical a
T110 Powerful Might 40 400 Fully charged attacks increase move speed by 2%. Stacks up to 5 times.
Increases physical attack by 20%.
Increases Raging Strike strike down damage by 150% on stunned enemies.
Equipping at least 2 talents from the Might ta