Database Skills Execution Warrant

Execution Warrant



Profession Guardian
Description Singles an enemy out as a threat to the kingdom
Increases your threat level for 10 seconds
Decreases enemy's physical and magic defense by 20% for 10 seconds
Decreases physical and magic attack by 15% for enemies within 4m of the marked enemy.
Levels 1
Casttype Instant
Cooltime 30s
Range 17 m
Skilltype Attack
Require weapon Sword
Target Enemy


Level Learned at Cost
1 50 80


Image Title Type Need level Need points Description
T206 Immovable Object Aegis 50 600 Increases threat level.
Increases physical critical rate by 5%.
Execution Warrant activates Royal Rebuke for 10 seconds.
Equipping at least 2 talents from the Aegis talent tree will grant an extra synergy bonus.
T212 Guardian's Heart Stalward 50 600 Increases all defenses by 50% for 5 seconds. (For Binding Summons, only activates when the skill is used on enemies.)
Increases magic defense by 30%.
Execution Warrant increases the physical defense of allies within 5m by 20% for
T218 Sacred Balance Combat 50 600 Successful attacks restore 5% health.
Increase PvP defense by 10%.
Increases attack power by 20% for 10 seconds after using Execution Warrant.
Equipping at least 2 talents from the Combat talent tree will grant an extra s